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Stronger Body
Stronger Mind
A Happier You!

A Healthier You

Why wait any longer to achieve your goals? No matter where you are starting from, I will help you. We can work out in the training studio, your home, or outdoors. Book a single, partner, family or corporate session today!

Fun in Numbers

Fit kids rock! It's never too early to develop good habits. Group sessions are designed to be fun and motivating. Aimed at boys and girls aged 10-16, currently offered on

Mondays 6pm

Wednesdays 5pm

Contact me to attend a free trial class or to be placed on the waiting list!

Nourishing all aspects

Exercise alone will not guarantee good health. It's all about nourishing yourself in all aspects of life - food, sleep, stress levels, and self-care are just a few factors that affect your well-being. I recently completed my training as a breath coach and am amazed at the effectiveness of breathing techniques! As a behavior change specialist, I will guide you towards establishing and reaching goals. Together we will devise a roadmap to better health.

Fitness Class

About Christine

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist
IIN Health Coach
Certified TRX, Breath Coach, and
BASPO Youth & Sports Leader

Getting in shape is an empowering lifestyle decision! I believe in making fitness fun and beneficial for real-life situations. That's why I follow a functional fitness bootcamp approach using your body weight, free weights, battle ropes, sandbags, TRX, medicine balls, yoga... plus a great sense of humor and music to help you reach your goals!

Since 2014, I have been helping children and adults, in small groups and as individuals, attain the life they want, one step at a time. The wonderful side effect of working your body and nourishing it well is confidence. Now who doesn't want that?


I am a Swedish American (and now also Swiss!) mother of two boys. I hold a BSc in Biology from the University of Colorado, an MSc in Marine Biology/Natural Resource Management from James Cook University, and work at an international school. I also consult as a health coach for Sidekick Health, a digital therapeutics company. I love the ocean, water and mountain sports, and firmly believe life is to be enjoyed!

Languages spoken: mother tongue English, Swedish, German; decent Spanish, cringe-worthy French.

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

Christine's joyful and motivating style has made working out less of a chore and more fun than I expected. She changes up my routine enough to keep it interesting and pushes me just a little bit more to reach my goals. I never was a sporty person but with her training, I have started to actually enjoy working out.


Not only is Christine one of the sunniest, warmest people you will ever meet, she makes everyone, regardless of fitness and skill level, feel welcome in her classes. She finds the perfect balance between respecting your comfort zone and pushing you to try a heavier weight or a few more reps when she thinks you are up for the challenge. She does everything with humor and positive reinforcement and the workouts she designs are everything I'm looking for in a bootcamp session.


Christine is at the top of her game as a personal trainer. She is professional, positive, organized and motivating. I really appreciate her highly personalized focus - she arrives at my house prepared for the workout of the day, keeps track of all my activities, and records my progress!


Running is my favorite way to stay fit and active, but I know how important strength training is. I could never consistently keep up with a program until I started working out with Christine. Her sessions are difficult yet fun, and I can feel and see the results. Cross-training with Christine has also yielded better running results as I can run longer and harder now than when I was in my 20’s.  I’ve also hit some of my best PR’s. I look forward to getting even stronger and healthier in the new year thanks to Christine!


Zoom macht es möglich, dass ich an diesen grossartigen Sporteinheiten auch von Deutschland aus teilnehmen kann :)  Ich möchte es nicht mehr missen! Christine steckt voller positiver Energie, die auch über Zoom deutlich rüberkommt und extrem motiviert! Die Übungen zeigt sie deutlich und in verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden, so dass man für sich das Passende auswählen kann.
Ich bin froh, dass ich dabei sein kann und merke schon deutliche Erfolge.


I don’t usually like doing any sports other than football and volleyball, but I really like the boot camp class with Christine because she makes working out fun and I can feel myself getting stronger.

Noah (age 13)

Christine is a great motivator - she makes you WANT to be sweating it out in the gym with her! My kids (son AND daughter) love her kids’ bootcamp classes because she offers lots of variation in exercises; she is patient and always has a smile and an encouraging word so that they always walk away from her classes feeling much fitter - and happier!


Christine is very energetic and positive and she made me feel like I could do exercises that would usually make me feel intimidated - but I did them and I can feel my muscles getting bigger already.

Camille (age 11)

I am going to Christine's workout for almost one year and I enjoy every minute of it. She is caring and helpful.

Liya (age 12)


Contact Me

Christine Pfrimmer

Training Location:


Witikonerstrasse 311

8053 Zürich


(+41) 078 630 4392

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